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Interior decorator

What is an interior decorator

An interior decorator is someone who specializes in interior design. With a sense of color, aesthetics, atmosphere and good understanding, knows an interior decorator interior in such a shape so that the people in that space to live at ease and at home. An interior designer is thus concerned with the design of an interior. It is using everything in an interior can be found. Think of color, lighting, furniture, flooring, home accessories, etc. Important aspects such as materials, function, location, shape, decoration, spatial and psychological effects play a decisive role. Is also taken into account such trends.

Interior Stylist, why?

Why the hell take an interior designer, while you yourself may be an interior designing? If you do it yourself, it saves you more money.

An interior designing is not always easy. The doubts and questions can provide. There are also many different styles, trends and colors, so you all can not see the forest trees. An interior designer would you be able to help. What are your personal wishes? What is possible and what is not? What material would you use most? All issues that an interior decorator may have to answer. An interior designer thinks of detail and broad in your home where you initially would have never thought of. This ensures that what you have in mind also can be performed. An interior designer creates balance, welfare, comfort, tranquility and symmetry.

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