Asian interior design ideas

We are often asked whether we in some Asian decorating ideas to place. Hopefully we can inspire you with the following interior design ideas.

When we talk about Asian interior design ideas, we often refer to Chinese or Japanese interior design ideas. 2 different cultures that are also in style is completely different.

Chinese interior design ideas

Some already speak of a Chinese interior by adding large Chinese characters and Chinese dragons. The reality is that a Chinese interior design goes far beyond that. There are many people who are fans of the Chinese interior because it is unique. Chinese symbols have an ancient history that can give a deeper meaning.

Japanese interior design ideas

In a Japanese interior design is often about Feng Shui or Zen. In Feng Shui you have to deal with the positioning of certain items such as your bank or cabinet, while Zen is more about the minimization of the objects. For both, the following play an important role: calm, quiet, peaceful and positive energy.

Simple decorating ideas

Although you need more attention than is thought to create a good Asian interior, may you follow the simple interior design ideas to create interesting effects in your home.

Buddha statues

Asian screens

Asian Paintings

Asian fans

Asian lantern

Asian pillows

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