beanbag pit stop

Beanbag Pit stop

‘Pit stop’ is a beanbag made for the (children’s-) collection of Richard Lampert. When I’m asked to design something for children I’m not that amused. I don’t like to get pushed in that direction just because my designs are colorful and playful. I’m happy to have taken on this project and that the outcome is so satisfactory. Pit stop is a tough-one, far from childish.

Beanbag as a car tire

To make the beanbag soft I was trying to make a patchwork of textiles with foam in between. Then I discovered that Innofa could reach the same effect in an easier way with their double-sided knits. They developed a foam-filled knitting to create the surface of an automobile tire complete with details like the tread profile, the sidewall and integrated logos knitted in a single process.

A car tire in the living room seems misplaced but considering that tires are being used worldwide as play objects makes it all obvious again. Parental advisory: washable zip-off cover!

Zitzak Pit stop

Zitzak Pit stop

Zitzak Pit stop

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